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Hotel Lemon Plaza Poznań, kilka słów o nas

Lemon Plaza Hotel Poznań – a few words about us and the hotel

The object was created in 2018, it is a great asset is modern decor and colors. When designing and building our hotel, immediately to make it safe. Using the latest solutions and functions, you can easily access the Internet.

Our second case is the great location. Our hotel is located just 30 meters from Centrum Plaza Poznań, one of the most modern shopping centers, not only in the country, but also in all of Europe. You will also find a contact point and relaxation zone, a cinema, restaurants and cafes. We invite you to our shopping during your stay in Poznan, our hotel will be the most convenient location.

, Safe way, easy and pleasant.

Every hour is waiting for the Hotel Guest?

The whole of our object is in the frame and ventilated. All rooms cultivating devices are equipped with a device that makes it easier to hold the child in the palm of your hand.

In addition, we provide the possibility of renting long-term and underground parking

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