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Restauracja Olivvetta w Hotelu Lemon Plaza Poznań

Olivvetta Restaurant at the Lemon Plaza Hotel in Poznań

Our hotel is not only rooms, but also a great restaurant, where we mix flavors with great passion and love for the kitchen. What distinguishes us from the competition? We use only fresh and natural ingredients, thanks to which our dishes taste unique and exceptional.

Olivvetta is a restaurant created from dreams and passion for cooking. And that it is a great happiness to be able to cook together and share your knowledge and skills, which is why you will find a smiling and experienced team with us, and from exceeding our thresholds you will not only feel a nice family atmosphere, but also aromatic, fresh dishes that will not only enchant you scent.

We invite you on a journey to Italian flavors and fragrances.
The specialty of our masters is the aromatic, full of flavors and fragrances, Italian cuisine. We use original Italian products as well as the services of local suppliers, because we believe that only the highest quality ingredients can create an unforgettable dish. We create all pasta ourselves, based on the original Italian recipes. Delicious and fresh seafood and a delicious pizza await you, enjoying a special recognition among our guests.

In our restaurant you will also find a menu based on delicious, seasonal products, so that no taste escapes our guests. The chefs make every effort to surprise you with the richness of flavors and aromas.

Breakfasts for hotel guests are served during:

Other meals for hotel guests and guests from outside the hotel are served during:

We have also prepared a rich offer of dishes for delivery and catering on request. On request, we are ready to organize special events and company meetings, it is enough to contact us and we will certainly find a convenient date.

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